A Summer Outing

Charles WIlcox and family summer outing with Raymond Bence - 1902On Sunday, July 6th, 1902, my 9 year old grandfather, Raymond Bence (1892-1973), spent the day sailing with family off the coast of Tiverton, Rhode Island.

Charles E. Wilcox (1881-1938) was Raymond’s half-brother, the son of Raymond’s mother Emma Rowena Macomber (1853-1909) by her first husband Charles H. Wilcox.

Charles E. Macomber (1866-1937) and Fred Macomber (1856-1934) were Raymond’s uncles, Emma’s younger brothers.

Irving Cook (1827-1913) was the husband of Emma’s half-aunt, Martha B. Wilcox (1840-1914).

Source: Fall River Daily Evening News (Fall River, MA), 7 Jul 1902, p. 7, accessed at newspapers.com on 28 May 2020.

John Murdoch MacKenzie

From one of my maternal grandmother Catherine Mckenzie Shepardson West’s photo albums.

The ink inscription is in her handwriting.

Penciled on the back of the photo, also in her handwriting is “Dad – John M. MacKenzie 1895”

About the Photograph

Frank W. Legg lived in Woburn for forty years and was in business as a photographer for thirty of those years, retiring in 1919. His studios were at several locations over the years: at 18 Montvale Ave. and also at 347 ½, 349 and 396 Main Street.