“Also an Infant”


This summer I took a series of photos at the East Side Cemetery in Wentworth, New Hampshire. They are of the graves of four members of the Stevens family – John, his wife Louisa (Glines), and sons John O and Daniel S. At least I thought there were four.

When reviewing the photos I discovered a sad detail on the gravestone of Daniel (who died at the age of 9 months). At the bottom of the stone, after a dividing line, the last line of the inscription reads “Also an Infant”.

Mount Vernon & Colonial Williamsburg


After 23 episodes of the KnitPicks podcasts on Friday night and Saturday morning, I reached Mount Vernon this morning. The weather is grayish and blustery, but the rain is holding off.

Mount Vernon Peace Dove Weathervane
Mount Vernon Peace Dove Weathervane

Martha Washington
Martha Washington

The sign of the day was spotted in the Mount Vernon Museum. Please don’t photograph George Washington’s teeth.

I also stopped at Arlington National Cemetery to pay my respects.
Grave Marker


Blue Canteen
Blue Canteen hanging in Revolutionary encampment

Notice Board
Williamsburg Notice Board

Tailor working in the window of his shop.
Pocket Detail 1 Pocket Detail 2
Man’s Weskit – Pocket Details

Court Room at the Capitol
Court Room at the Capitol