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Peter Gaskell Bence (1849-1919) Raymond Everett Bence (1892-1973) Raymond Everett Bence Jr. (1925-1994) Three generations of the Bence family.​

Family Genealogy

My father always said that he never forgot our birthdays because one of us would always remind him. Mary Margaret (Shepardson) Bence (1926 – 2011) Catherine Lee Bence (April 12 –) Raymond…

Family Genealogy

Cleaning out a bookcase today, I came across the following small photo. There is a handwritten note on the back. Evelyn Morse    Flossie Drummy     Marge Morse Ray…

Family Genealogy

Family Genealogy History Military World War 2

During World War II, Staff Sergeant Raymond Everett Bence, Jr. served on a B-24 Liberator as the the nose-gunner on Lt. Fromm’s crew, 703rd Squadron, 445th BG. On September 27, 1944, during…

Family Genealogy Military World War 2