Mystery Man


This photo is of my great-grandmother Mary Hannah (Buckley) Ratcliffe with a unknown (to me) man. Comparing this to other photos of Mary taken when my father was born in 1925, this was most likely taken in the early 1920s. Given their pose I’m guessing that they are related. The man is probably either my great-grandfather John Thomas Ratcliffe or Mary’s younger brother Zedediah Buckley. Hopefully other photos of him will surface as I work my way through the family albums.

Three Generations – 1926


While reviewing a new set of scans of old family photos and I found this 3-generation portrait. This is a 1926 photo of my dad, Raymond Everett Bence Jr., my grandmother Bertha Alice (Ratcliffe) Bence, and her mother Mary H. (Buckley) Ratcliffe.